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Discussion in 'Staff Feedback' started by TyRavensOrioles, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. TyRavensOrioles

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    There are a few rules, such as "Please keep 5 minutes in between advertisements in recruitment and market chats" and "Don't talk about bans in public chats". Now I don't doubt that these are "rules" of sorts but they are not in /rules. Some players, such as myself, have had bad experiences with staff on other servers abusing their power and making up rules so we may think that staff is just trying to simply make up rules. Once again, I don't doubt that these "rules" are supposed to be followed, I just think it would be helpful to put rules such as these in the /rules chat. Also, /rules chat 2 [Note] states that all server rules apply to the forums, wouldn't that mean were not supposed to talk about bans in the public forums? Now, I agree that all players should be able to see who has been banned on the forums but it does clash with the rules a bit doesn't it, so it cant really go both ways. There's 3 options
    1.) The ban repeals have to be made private for only the staff to see (which could have multiple outcomes)
    2.) Allow players to talk about bans in chat
    3.) continue to have this problem
    This also includes the shoutbox
    I think that the rules need to be more clear and some rules need to be added, I think that it will be more helpful to players so that they know exactly what they can and cant do. Yes, I understand that there is a rule saying that players don't need to fit "neatly" within the rules but here is a scenario
    Jimmy the farmer is cussing in chat, "aww &%&^" jimmy says! Now what jimmy says is not disgusting in any way but he is still scolded for cursing and gets a 5 minute mute. Jimmy is very confuzzled. He is a new player that read the chat rules because he is a responsible minecraft player and he didn't see any rule that said he couldn't cuss. He misses 10 chances to recruit new players to his town because he broke an "unwritten" rule.
    See the issue? Please add these "unwritten" rules to the rules so jimmy doesn't have to suffer anymore!!
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    5 mins is a guideline based off of this: Rules Chat [5] "Chat spam including repeating lines... or splitting statements across multiple lines"

    Was this regarding players talking about bans, or staff talking about it?
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    Other than that Zemoj already stated above - if you think staff are abusing their "power" or making up rules you can PM their leads, in this case I'd assume you meant mods and how they moderate so my inbox is open.

    The reason we don't add every little clause of a rule to the /rules is because we would have extremely long rules in the in-game chat if we did. Players, particularly newer players, already don't take the time to read them thoroughly that often - making them longer wouldn't help.

    The wiki has a larger set of rules and if you feel something is missing there feel free to message any of the leads with your concerns.

    Also before I forget.. the reason we don't allow people to discuss player bans in chat is because it's really none of anyone's business other than staff and the player banned. If you were banned and people gossiped about you in chat without you being there to defend yourself about it would you be alright with that ? Regardless if you in particular were not everyone is, and we try to respect a player regardless of a ban.
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