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    Although the Omniverse has been live for a few weeks now, I'm happy to finally be able to share the full list of gameplay changes, and explain the reasoning behind them.

    A series of posts on the changes can be found in the Omniverse section:

    Why Omniverse?

    The main goal of Omniverse is to remodel Minecraft survival gameplay to make it better suited for a public multiplayer server.

    There are many reasons a person might chose to play a public multiplayer server. It's safe to assume that the most common reasons is that they desire to share a world with other players and interact with them.

    In order to encourage more interactions between players, Omniverse is attempting to remodel survival gameplay in a way that allows the server to develop a diverse market economy.

    Vanilla Minecraft is designed almost entirely with single player in mind. As a result it's very easy for a player to be self sufficient. Unfortunately, in multiplayer that same self sufficiency eliminates the need to interact and collaborate with other players.

    That is why for Omniverse we have made changes that have made it more difficult to go it alone.

    Jobs and the Player Economy

    Our primary mechanism to create inter-dependency between players is the job system. Through jobs, players are able to specialize in a way that enables them to either perform a task more efficiently, or do things other players can't.

    In economic terms, jobs allow each player to supply goods and services for other players. Since each player is limited to a handful of jobs, everyone will need to exchange what they have, or what they can do, in order to obtain what their own jobs don't provide.

    One of the reasons it's easy to become self sufficient in single player is that very few resources are scarce. In order encourage a more diverse market economy to develop around survival gameplay, we have made changes that reduce the supply of exp, certain blocks and items, and of course mining drops.

    By reducing supply, we create demand for items and experience. That demand can be met by players that enjoy collecting resources in various ways, such as mining, excavation and wood chopping.


    Omniverse is an attempt to tear apart OMM gameplay and reassemble it to create something better. Although Omniverse was officially launched, it is far from a complete product.

    Many features were removed that we have not yet had an opportunity to revamp and bring back. The majority of features that were removed will eventually return, although some will take different forms.

    The gameplay on OMM was developed over a long period of time. Omniverse will continue to develop and improve over time in the same fashion.

    Of particular importance are the upcoming improvements to jobs. The improvements should help us reach the goal of an interdependent player economy.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by octagami, Jan 25, 2017.

    1. EchoJX
      I would like to add that both current and existing Omni players alike need to treat the current state of Omni as a beta phase that doesn't end with your stuff being wiped. I have noticed a lot of soapboxing going on regarding Omni changes and how the nerfs are too much, etc. The main point is that Omni will be in a constant state of change, and that "fixing" Vanilla will take a long time. This means that there will be a whole lot more nerfs we need to get used to before the job buffs come along to compensate. @octagami makes a great point about how Vanilla is built around solo gameplay, thus meaning that the overabundance of resources causes a problem when trying to create an economy-heavy server.

      Just stay clear-headed and have good, constructive discussions like I had in /vc with players like @Meljardo, @Taena and RetroChrome the other night. These discussions are valuable and overall benefit the server and the playerbase.
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