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    I've made a couple of these but really would like to recognize the staff for everything they have done for the server rather than myself. This network is something like no other network out there and has so many things to offer and the community that is managed by the networks staff is mind blowing with how everything is handled to perfection and how many things and thoughts go into new ideas for the server and just overall making this server better and better each day. OMM would not be OMM without the Staff and Creators of the server and we would not have the privilege to do some of the cool things we are able to do with these custom plugins that are unique to no other server OMM. I have been here a very long time and have seen this server grow over time and have seen players grow and staff come and go. It's amazing when I look back to day 1 on the server for me and look at what it was at that point, then look at what it is now. The servers staff goes out of there way to devote there time to letting players like us enjoy every second of our experience on minecraft and to keep this place a very fun and enjoyable minecraft community. The Moderating staff may be one of the toughest jobs there is and it takes a lot of patience and time to deal with players that are not following the rules and even though we not always see it happen as regular players, this stuff happens a lot trust me. The Guide staff has grown so much since the position was introduced in 2014 I believe it was and the Guide's do a wonderful job on helping players and guiding them through problems that they may run into with the plugins or even the simplest vanilla issues. The amount of knowledge you must have to be a guide is crazy and takes a lot of work and time to learn it all. This server would not be as beautiful as it is without the Architects here which just tie the server together perfectly welcome the newer players to this server and make mob arenas, set up special server events etc.... The final piece to this network goes to the countless efforts by Xor, octagami, Hrawk, Zemoj, lindsu and the entire Promoter team. This server would not be as wonderful as it is without all of these people on the server and I want to thank you all for devoting time of your lives that you could be spending doing other stuff but choose to devote it to us as players and I know we all greatly appreciate everything.

    Thank you Staff for all your efforts to make this server a better place!

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