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    While this Staff Feedback section is for any and all staff feedback, we understand that not all players feel comfortable giving their feedback in a public post.

    If you would like to give private feedback, as in feedback only seen by lead staff, we request that you do so through forums message to the staff member's leads. If the staff member you wish to give feedback about is a trial or full staff member, message their team's leads, and if the staff you wish to report is a lead, then send your feedback to the staff lead. All team leads are listed at the bottom of this post.

    If you are giving feedback about a certain incident, it is best to provide logs or screenshots of the situation. The more details you give about whatever occurred, the better we can understand your feedback.

    Team Leads

    [Moderator Team]

    [Guide Team]

    [Architect Team]

    [Promoter Team]

    [Developer Team]

    [Staff Lead]

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