PSA Omniverse - Coming to a galaxy near you!

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By Drewgrif on Dec 9, 2016 at 12:13 PM
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    >-What is Omniverse? <-

    Will officially launch on:

    Sunday, January 1st @ 3pm PST

    Dec 11-29: Alpha
    Dec 30: Server wipe
    Dec 30-31: Beta
    Jan 1st: Launch

    The Omniverse Beta server is now available for everyone looking to get a sneak peak on our revamped Omniverse experience!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Drewgrif, Dec 9, 2016.

    1. laney
    2. Derpilishous
      Hoora's all around
    3. Ferlynn
      Will the beta server become Omniverse or is it just going to be for public testing?
    4. octagami
      Our Beta servers historically are temporary. Anything you do there will be wiped at launch.

      It doesn't make sense to open a Beta and give people a week head start on the launch date. We want some time for the word to get out about the launch so everyone can plan to be on that weekend.
    5. DragonBlood
      I have been looking forward to this for weeks! Woohoo!
    6. ImDaMalex
    7. blackpies
      Counting starts now
      7 MORE DAYS
    8. octagami
      Quick update just in case any of you are waiting for the beta server to open.

      I still have a ton of work to do for beta both code and setup wise. I also have an appointment in the afternoon that'll cost me a couple of hours.

      As a result the beta server most likely won't be available today. However I did say "this weekend", so I hope to get it up by Sunday afternoon at the latest.
    9. octagami
      The new jobs menu is proving to be a lot more painful to code than I anticipated.

      I've gotten it mostly working, and should still be able to get Beta up today.

      That said if you're hanging around waiting for it to open, check back later tonight.
    10. DragonBlood
      Sounds good Octa! Thanks for the update.
    11. octagami
      For those interested, Omniverse beta server is now open. /warp beta

      The bad news is it's not very exciting at the moment. Most changes from OMM -> Omniverse are not in yet.

      The main difference as of tonight is the new /j select menu. It gives you the first peek at the new job slot system.

      The rest of the features/changes will come in throughout the week as we approach release. Hopefully not at the last second, but lets not kid ourselves.

      Given that there isn't a whole to actually "test", I recommend those interested in beta use the next day or two to get established in the world in a basic vanilla MC way. That way you'll be able to try more things moving forward.
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    12. xSapio
      @octagami /warp beta*

      Will gladly test a few things, thanks for working on it this hard.
    13. octagami
      Despite my best effort, it's become clear that we won't be ready to launch Omniverse tomorrow.

      I've decided to delay launch for another two weeks. There are three main reasons.

      The first is that coding the new job system, in particular the job selection menu, was a huge ordeal. I spent close to 4 days this week on that task alone. Thankfully it's now finished and deployed to the Beta server. I expect there will still be bugs found which will require time to fix.

      The second is, as it turns out, I picked nearly the worst possible timing for launch. These last couple of weeks nearly everyone on staff who could have helped prepare was busy with school finals or otherwise. There is only so much I can get done by myself, particularly when all my time gets sucked into the black hole that is dev work.

      The third is that it's become pretty clear that we need to spend some time dedicated to balance testing. Economy balance is the main motivation behind Omniverse. We need to get it right or all of the work will have been for nothing. At this moment the Beta server does not had most balance changes we want for launch.

      The new schedule is above. We're now almost through with a week of what I'm now calling Alpha phase 1. Testing a half implemented job menu is pretty far from where we want to be to call it a Beta.

      We'll do another week starting Sunday that we'll call Alpha phase 2. I'm hoping to have the vast majority of coding done by the end of the weekend. From there it'll be fixing any bugs that are found.

      Around Christmas day we'll do a full server wipe in preparation for a week of the "real" Beta. When the server opens again after the wipe, the hope is to have nearly all balance changes in place. At that point we'll be very interested in feedback on changes such as the new job experience curve, job income changes, item drop rates, mob difficulty and so on.

      I think taking the extra time to polish things is far better than rushing things to hit a date. I hope you all feel the same.

      @Perm - Staff
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    14. thebluecloak
      Trust me, you're being perfectly reasonable. It looks like this will become my new year's resolution.
      Please, take your time.
    15. 12_zombies
      Well since there is some new stuff I will come back and see if I can make some bug reports happen
    16. Scoodles10
      Now, by "full server wipe" does that mean the Alpha/Beta server, or OMM as a whole?
    17. laney
      @Scoodles10 OMM is NEVER being wiped. Only Omni betas.
    18. VyleKillius
      No idea what this is, but I'm intrigued, so I might hop on for a minute and then go inactive for another year or so. :D
    19. octagami