"no one is forcing you to play omni"

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    So I think you staff all do a wonderful job. And I know its hard sometimes especially when you get a stubborn player you have to deal with. But I feel these people who complain about the nerfs could be handled better.
    (There was another post like this somewhere but I couldn't find it.)

    Today I saw a player complaining about one of the nerfs and a staff member told him "look no one is forcing you to play omni, and its just how the system works even in real society" I'll be speaking about this as an attitude and not the specific phrase. It could be phrased 100 different ways and carry the same meaning.
    I feel that an explanation of the nerfs would go a long way. And the "no one is forcing you to play" attitude should never be used. Even if the player is being difficult.

    Everyone has had their moments of disappointment with the new system. I was pissed when I found out I couldn't repair my stuff infinitely like I could on OMM. But it was explained to me by staff (even though I didn't understand at first and had to be told multiple times how it worked because I was upset and being stubborn) and Octa even said the blacksmith would get some perks to help out with the repairing stuff. That made me super satisfied to get that sort of attention and explanation. And it made me put that disappointment behind me and think about how I'm going to play this new server effectively.
    But even with that great explanation if someone had said "no one is forcing you to play". That last little bit of text would have made the entire explanation lose most of it value. And that value goes a long way especially for a new omni player.
    Just some examples:
    1. We nerfed the cobble so we didn't flood the server with junk items and it also helps keep the stone economy balanced. Look no one is forcing you to play omni.
    2. We nerfed the ore so it would make the best gear more rare. It adds to the challenge and fun of getting great gear. And makes sure people don't have OP gear on their first day. No one is forcing you to play omni.

    See how that sounds? Its not good.

    I feel the "no one is forcing you to play" attitude is a negative one and won't do anything to help us retain a player base. And in my opinion it even creates conflict between staff and player. Its not an attitude I want to see on Omni. Omni was well thought out and created to help us make a great experience for the players. It deserves the time and effort to explain things. In detail and for a long period of time if that is what it takes. I have some new players in my town and when they ask about the nerfs I tell them all about balancing and the economy. And I tell them how on OMM they would have had maxed out diamond gear and tons of money in the first day because of bloat and how it would be boring. I try really hard to explain the ways some nerfs are a good change. How a challenge is a good change. Things like that. All my residents have excepted it so far and we all enjoy playing together for the last couple weeks.

    You staff really do a great job. I can't say that enough. And I understand how easy it is to get frustrated with people. My advice and feedback is just try to keep a good attitude when dealing with the complainers. A good attitude goes a long way.
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