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By Anixus on Feb 1, 2017 at 1:14 PM
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    Voting for Omniverse is an easy way to support the server, whilst gaining some nice rewards for doing so!

    Starting this month, we're going to be rewarding your voting efforts with a new tiered job exp bonus system.
    • For every 5 votes above 25, the global job exp bonus increases by 5%
    • However, only those who have voted will qualify to receive the job exp bonus
    • The bonus will reset daily at 6am EST
    Additionally, along with the reward points that you get from voting on each site, you can also earn some bonus reward points at the end of the month too! The quantity will depend on your ranking:
    • Top 100 voters will receive 50 reward points
    • Top 50 voters will receive 100 reward points
    • Top 25 voters will receive 250 reward points
    Spend these reward points in-game with /rewards.
    Make sure that you vote as much as possible to obtain these benefits!

    Vote here!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Anixus, Feb 1, 2017.

    1. Meljardo
      @Anixus Just a heads up, you have the post saying the bonus resets at 6 am, but its been resetting at around midnight est on the server.
    2. Anixus
      It has been resetting at midnight, but it'll be resetting at 6am from now on - as per the word of Octa himself.
    3. CameronTyler1
      • Iv been noticing that the vote count doesn't reach 25 until about 1 pm EST , which means that half of the entire day is without any benefits at all for voting except for points , which can be spent on heads. I suggest maybe lowering it a bit. Also , the part mentioning that only those who have voted on all sites get this reward is kind of cheesy to me...But hey , its better than the last system!
      • Ty for implementing this.
    4. octagami
      Starting tonight the bonus will not reset until 3am PST (6am EST). Sorry for the delay in making that change.
      It's not necessarily all sites, but I'm keeping the actual requirement to myself so that people don't do the bare minimum.

      It's my strong belief that the "only voters benefit" aspect is critical to the system working as well as it does.

      And it does work well. We nearly doubled our daily vote count for two days in a row.
    5. CameronTyler1
      indeed.I remember one night (maybe Fri) we got to 190% vote bonus...that's amazing compared to what I believed we usually garnered in daily.
      However , I have noticed that we have been getting to like 125% , so I'm wondering why there was such a spike...
      Looking forward to /rewards
    6. octagami
      Well, yesterday was a bit screwy because the shift in reset time. Also keep in mind that shifting the reset 6 hours to 6am also means that we won't hit the threshold until later in the day than before (but not by a full 6 hours, not that many people were voting at 12am-6am anyway).

      If you guys keep up voting at the same rate you have been, you should be able to hit ~150% pretty consistently.
    7. PandaBorg