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Discussion in 'Staff Feedback' started by EchoJX, Dec 27, 2016.

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    So recently, I created a help request here on the forums to try and restore my /home I had set at one of my old server monuments on Sol. I honestly didn't anticipate any kind of a resolution, assuming the town had been taken over by some rando. As it turns out, it was being held by an NPC mayor and just needed to be reset to a public town. Not only did @Xeeenon do this for me with minimal verification or jumping through hoops to prove that I actually used to own that house (I supposed it didn't matter that much anyway, but still), but she also left me a nice /mail offering to even make me mayor of that town again.

    As I say, I did not anticipate any kind of a resolution, but not only did I get one, I got EXTRA assistance! I really appreciate this, and it has helped renew my enthusiasm for coming back to MC after a long hiatus.

    Thank you much, and big shoutout to @Pbnj and @EnderSlender for helping with that as well! Keep up the good work!
    - Echo
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    Awww thank you so much for your kind words ;-; kinda made this sammich tear up a bit >_> but don't tell anyone :p
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    Thanks, it's always nice to know you've made a positive impact in the world :)