Server Update Minecraft 1.12 Update + Revamp of OMM Servers!

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    OMM has been revamped to include the improvements made to the Omniverse!

    A quick overview of the changes:

    1.12 Update
    New Shop
    Job Improvements
    Towny Improvements

    Flower Farming
    Job Bags
    Cauldron Brewing
    Void Bags

    Job Changes!
    Jobs have been refined and you can now perform certain functions in your town or in the wilderness. Some jobs even allow you to work in both towns and wilderness areas.

    To find out which jobs can be done where, check /jobs info <job> and the job will say if it is (Town only) (Wilderness only) if the job can be done in both places, it won't be specified.

    Some jobs have been rebalanced, along with many new added features

    Job Notifications
    Previously, job notifications were sent to the chat, but now can be toggled to be in your hotbar! Check out /prefs jobs in game. [Show Action Spam in Hotbar] [Show All Action Multipliers] and [Show All Actions] are the three new prefs.

    [Show All Action Multipliers] tells you what is giving you an extra bonus to your job.
    [Show All Actions] shows all actions regardless of having the job or not.
    [Show Action Spam in Hotbar] will show job actions in your hotbar instead of the chat.

    Towny Changes!
    For a long time, towns on all servers have been allowed 576 plots, but that is the case no more! You will now be able to grow your town to a whopping 1024 plots! The plot prices have also been updated as below:

    9-31 plots: $100
    32-63 plots: $200
    64-127 plots: $300
    128-255 plots: $400
    256-511 plots: $500
    512-767 plots: $1000
    768-1024 plots: $2000

    Other Towny Improvements
    Addition of a flight perm which will allow you to decide who will get to fly in your town.
    Improvements to the Towny text interface.
    Removal of a bug that prevented allies from building in other allies' towns.

    Town banks can now store up to $1,000,000.
    Town borders on the dynmap can now be changed by setting a banner with /t set banner.

    Welcome to the new shop!
    The shop has received a facelift as well as the following changes:

    A new hall for job items.
    Enchanting now has its own hall.
    All the halls have been updated to include items from 1.12.
    Signs to explain the shop have been added in each hall.
    The Nether and End halls have split.


    The new signs are located beside the warp boards

    Wastelands Changes
    Resets will occur bi-weekly.

    X-ray protection has been put into place to help stop cheating.

    New pure materials!
    We now have two new pure items to introduce, Pristine Emerald, and Pristine Quartz! These will have a small chance of dropping when mining Emerald and Quartz Ore in the wastelands.

    A level 20 Artisan can now craft End Portal Frames with 3 Pristine Emeralds and 6 End Stone.
    Pristine Quartz can be used to craft Treasure Hunter's Job Bags

    Mob Changes
    Iron and Gold Farms

    Gold and iron farms will now drop nuggets instead of ingots.

    Legendary Mobs
    Most of the old Legendary mobs are now marked as “Heroic.” Legendary and Heroic mobs will remain for ten minutes when you die by their hands.

    Mob Drops
    Mobs will now only drop items if killed by a player.

    Other Changes
    Flower Farming
    Flower farming has made its way from the Omniverse to OMM! Break flowers to get flower seeds, plant them in flower pots, and wait for them to grow! In a few minutes, you can shear the newly-grown flowers and repeat as necessary. Note that only farmers gain job xp for harvesting them.

    Job Bags
    The variety of items that other job bags can hold has been increased, as well. Chances are that items unable to be put in certain bags are now able to go in them.

    The Merchant, Treasure Hunter, Excavator, Demolitionist and Blacksmith jobs now have their own bag.
    Some job bag recipes are now different.

    Enchanting and Ensorcell
    Many things have changed with Ensorcell. More enchantments now conflict with each other. Ensorcell can now enchant books with custom enchants. Books with custom enchants can also be applied to tools using anvils now. Mending has been removed from Ensorcell and Blacksmith now has a recipe to craft mending books. Ensorcell can now enchant curses of vanishing and binding onto tools.

    Parrots have been added to petclaim.

    Cauldron Brewing

    Ingredients to brew potions in cauldrons have been changed to reflect their vanilla versions. For example, you will no longer be able to use diamonds to brew invisibility potions.

    Void bags
    Recipe for small and tiny void bags has changed. They now require eyes of ender instead of dragon eggs.

    More Information
    To read some more information you can check out the Omniverse Wiki!

    There is also extra information if you are curious in the What's New page.
    Thanks for the help
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