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    Thank you staff for not breaking this server over the years. I just rejoined duncswebs to see where they're at today. I played on their server before I played on MaM. They were basically the same thing as MaM, in fact when I first joined MaM I thought that they got a lot of ideas from duncswebs. When I rejoined, the server was 4/30 people. The server description, deserted but not forgotten. I almost cried in sadness but also happiness just to see the staff were still keeping something going. When I joined i was welcomed, all my veteran status and everything was gone, but I started reminiscing with other players about the old times, this is when the server creator mobilephone joined and started saying "Another player who remembers too much, piss off back to 2012". This is something I know for a fact none of you guys would never think of saying to returning players and I just wanted to let ya'll know i appreciate you guys keeping this server as well groomed as it is! You really dont see any servers lasting 4 years.
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    Same i really do miss the old times but the fact they kept the server going is just amazing