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Discussion in 'Staff Feedback' started by EnderTeddy, Jul 27, 2016.

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    So this week, well actually last week... I know I am late with this, lol... Anyways...

    Last week a load of stuff went down for me. Everything seemed to go straight to the nether and beyond that to the end. I first figured out my insane bows were no longer insane, my entire bag of holding had been wiped and just... Everything did seem like it had just halted completely. But boom, @i0range and @Entrancing saved the day, though most of it was saved due to Entrancing, because she did handle the major parts of the incidents. I am not even sure how many help requests I had to post last week, but I am sure they exceeded my previous total of help requests on the forums. So anyways, let's get into it.

    First I had an issue with quite a significant economic loss with 2 items I had... These were swiftly replaced by i0range and it was all good.

    But then, maybe one or two days after everything went to the nether. I first lost a void bag containing some 3500 gold blocks, and right after posting a help request, my entire bag of holding was wiped. Entrancing was extremely helpful with this, she did everything that she could to ensure as much of my items were restored as humanly possible. Though there was one thing that couldn't be replaced, we did replace most of the things, though some were probably left out as they were most likely forgotten... Anyways, this is the messiest post I will have ever made on these forums and I do apologize for that now. Entrancing and i0range were extremely helpful in these, though Entrancing did most of the actual hard work, i0range did help as well. (Sorry @i0range for heavily favouring Entrancing in this :p )

    Anyways, I just think we should give out a hand to all of the staff for ensuring our time playing goes as smooth as possible. The server certainly would be a whole stack of cow manure if they were not here enforcing the rules that we do have :)

    Finally I just want to thank you, yes you, reader! Thank you for taking the time to read this and just appriciate how much work our staff team puts into the server, and how good results they are getting!

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    @Entrancing is awesome, this isn't news to me :p

    Thanks for the post Ender, some things tend to keep us on our toes these days, glad we could help out where it's needed.
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    You're very sweet ender :D I'm just happy mostly everything was resolved for you <3
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