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    I don't even know where to begin about JJ... JJ has something special I have not seen out of Guides in a long time and considering how new to the server JJ is it's unbelievable how hard he works and how much work and effort he goes to make sure everyone gets the info they need. I was having a issue with plot perms on embassy plots and I was just amazed at the information he was able to pull up and how patient he is with helping players. I always see JJ in Help Chat and when he's not in help chat he's very actively involved in chat and is a fun and kind player to be around. JJ is by far one of the best Guides I've seen on this server since the rank came out and I hope he stays the way he is and just continues to get even better, although I'm not sure how much better he can get at this point xD It doesn't seem like theres something he doesn't have a answer too or some knowledge to it. Keep up the good work JJ!

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    @asr2323 There isn't really much I can say that isn't summed up within other staff feedback posts. I am just doing my job like anyone else would. If it is within my power, then you'll have my word I will get it done. It is always a pleasure assisting players. As always, it is our playerbase that we have to thank for this wonderful service, take care for now, and we'll look forward in seeing you in game again :)