I Have Been Accused By The Staff for X-Ray Cheating

Discussion in 'Staff Feedback' started by TyRavensOrioles, Aug 30, 2017.

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    today I was mining, just hit lvl 20, and then _Pbnj_ and 12_Zombies confronted me accusing me of X-Ray hacking, they offered no evidence and they took many items out of my inventory. Honestly, I'm very offended, I cant believe that people would go around on a server and take items out of a players inventory without offering evidence that they did anything wrong. I asked her why do you believe this and she just said "This isn't open for discussion". I have overall enjoyed this server and I spend a lot of my time on it. There was absolutely no evidence offered that I was hacking or cheating in any way, shape, or form. I request that these accusations be denounced and my items be returned to me.
    Very Frustrated,
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    This would be more like a post for staff feedback, but help requests work I guess.

    We can't exactly tell you how we find xrayers because then that allows people to try to find ways around it. We take items out because we can't let items obtained unfairly float around in the economy.

    If a lead promoter and a moderator both thought you were xraying (there is always more than one member there) then you probably were. They can discuss with you but I don't have the full story on how you reacted/how she reacted/etc. If you really want to feel free to message me, i0range, or moneybucks.

    I can look into the xray but there's probably nothing we can do. It was more than likely a real xray. Also please keep in mind that first offense is only a warning, nothing else happens. As long as you don't xray again, you're in the clear.
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