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    Sometime in the afternoon or so, I had brought hamster in and shown them a nearby place that was a 9 plot town that had long since been abandoned. I just got back and had some mail. She said they had found like 100 places like that and removed them.

    There was a small issue with a town too close. She had helped quickly resolve this issue, and helped with a little reconstruction (for that town). Hamster had also helped resolve an issue about an abandoned outpost that had a bunch of chests still sitting there (mayor was active but had abandoned, maybe forgot).

    Talk about springing into action!

    Besides that, Hamster is quite a pleasant person. Very friendly, polite and respectful. I am glad we have someone like that on our staff, and lead no less!
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    Aww ty <3 <3 <3 I'm glad I'm doing some good.