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    For those unaware, I am ex-staff from a reasonably long time ago... (I am also a maths student so grammar and spelling is not something I'm good at :p I also frequently forget to capitalize "I"s )

    I still keep in contact with a few of the staff members from my day and some non-staff and I heard about @TheHOLYTOBI 's post through a Facebook group chat. Reading his post reminded me of some things from when I was staff and I thought it was a good idea to make this post.
    This post will cover a number of topics but it seemed most relevant to keep this in the staff feedback section (I guess this is technically feedback, just from a staff's perspective instead of a player's one).

    I should start by explaining why i became a mod...
    When I was a player on the server I very quickly came to understand that this is one of the best (if not THE best) servers out there. The people were nice, there was some amazing plugins and it wasn't too restricting, too complicated or too basic. So very quickly I decided to be staff it was probably thanks to a mod (@IrocatgamingN who was very nice to me... he made a mistake with a TP command and ended up randomly in my house... he gave me a ton of free food then left to sort out whatever he was supposed to be doing. During this time i became very active on the forums (I averaged 7 posts per day at the start) and became great friends with someone called @Robert4431 shortly after, i made this post and set myself the goal of being a skylander before i would go for mod

    Starting out as a mod...
    IT WAS AMAZING. For a start i got access to a whole list of features that only mods have, you're talking to EVERYONE its just an all round fun time :) . Around this time i started talking on Teamspeak (This server's teamspeak is where i had some of the most fun times of my teenage years :D) I made really good friends with another TrMod by the name of Ufriel. We both ended up passing the TrMod phase and going on to have lots of fun with all the other staff members.

    Things going south...
    Being a mod is lots of fun but after a while it can become alot of pressure. My school work started to suffer because of how much time i was spending on the server because i felt that if i spent any less time i wasn't doing my job. At the same time people i had become friends with kept leaving the server for some reason or another... and because of how much effort i was putting into the server it felt like i was losing alot of friends. Also as a mod, most of the time, you're the bad guy... you're trying to take away someone else's fun by banning them or muting them and nobody likes the bad guy... after a while i got tired of being nice about it and started being more mean, thankfully this never got too far. There was also a lot of staff disputes... people with different personalities clashing and that kinda thing... The pressure got to be too much and i ended up leaving the server... I also came back at one point and tried to be mod again but i did a ridiculously bad job of it and let down the rest of the mod team...

    The Reason for this post...
    Tobi's post reminded me of how much work you can put into being a mod and not get all of it back (i'm not agreeing with or disagreeing with what Tobi has said in his post as I am not well enough informed) So i thought i would make this post to outline what its like to be a moderator on the server. It's alot of hard work and you get more grief because of it than you do thanks...

    My advice to everyone: become a mod and experience it because it is amazing. But feel free to leave before it gets too much and if you are feeling pressured or like you need to take a breather, talk to someone about it, everyone on here is human and understands if stuff is going bad, they might be able to help you through with it.

    Being a mod is awesome but gets tiresome. you have alot of friends and alot of enemies. Be a mod, its fun.

    Shoutouts because i'm getting nostalgic while writing this ;) (using old usernames because i don't know peoples new ones)
    @shawnradler97 the man with fastest response time to any problem EVER...

    @Intelligible a really good friend that i will have for the rest of my life :)

    @Slaack i have so much to say thank you for i don't know where to start... i really looked up to you and you were there wen i needed to someone to talk to :) (you gave me sooooooo much relationship advice it isn't even funny :D

    @CedarDog you're one of the most genuine people i know and i love having conversations with you because they're always so interesting :) (for me anyway)

    @deathskill99 for always being there to talk to on TS :) :'D

    @MrWeirdo for introducing me to and showing me some amazing music and having alot of fun on that website

    @Robert4431 for being good competition on the forums ;)

    @iiliiil for always having that one really funny thing to say (Fun fact to people that don't know, octa bought him his minecraft account. he was previously "skullspwn666" but he couldnt use that account anymore because it was borrowed from a friend so octa got him a new one because he was a really good mod :) )

    @IrocatgamingN for being super duper friendly :)

    @RazParalian @pho3nix @lulu5513 @mrjoenorm for those google hangouts calls we had and the resulting league of legends games :)

    @Xor for being as funny as you are

    @octagami I've seen people say they love you and they hate you... i honestly dont know which way i feel about you but thanks for making this server :) i've had good times and bad times but overall it's been a character building experience :)

    I've probably forgotten important people but that's how things go unfortunately... i love you all in the end :)

    If anyone is interested in adding me on facebook, send me a PM or add me on Steam :)
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