Server Update Action Packed Bug Fixes for 1.12.2 Update!

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    As of now, we have updated to the latest Minecraft version, 1.12.2. Make sure you use the right Minecraft client version before logging in.

    Along with this update we have fixed a very long list of bugs!


    • Fully updated to Minecraft 1.12.2
    • Town server stability issues addressed. If you live on Sol or Sirius, you no longer have to worry about the dreaded red TPS monster lurking around the corner.


    • New Wastelands seeds with latest 1.12 generation*
    • We have switched back to bi-weekly wastelands resets*
    • Bloodlands, Wastelands Nether, and Wastelands End also regenerated
    • Wastelands End is fixed, portal is at /warp wl
    • Fixed custom item drops for Strong/Heroic/Legendary monsters
    • Fixed monsters not spawning in the Bloodlands (the PvP resource world)
    • Containment eggs now work on Villagers! Craft some Gold Containment Eggs and go forth to capture some funny-looking friends.
    • Capturing Golems with containment eggs has been disabled for now, until we can work around vanilla spawn egg limitations.

    *Reset will be Friday, October 27th.

    Custom Drops
    • Added Pristine Emerald and Pristine Quartz to drop tables. Pristine Quartz is used for making Treasure Hunter job bags, and Pristine Emeralds are used to craft End Portal Frames.
    • Are your tears over not being able to capture villagers lacking a bit of salt lately? Never fear, salt has returned and is dropping from gravel once again.

    Anvils and Enchanting
    • Combining books in an anvil should work correctly again! For example 2 Sharp IV books will create a Sharp V. Looking pretty sharp, eh?
    • Enchanted Tomes should now apply properly, enjoy being able to insta-break stone once again!
    • The custom enchant Drill now works with Redstone Ore, whether if feels like glowing or not.
    • The bow enchant Plunder again produces bonus drops equivalent to the Looting enchant.

    • The whitelist for approved materials for voids has been expanded!
    • Valuable minerals including diamond and emeralds are again able to be made into voids! My precious...
    • Some of the other new additions to the list include Magma Blocks and Glowstone.
    • The full whitelist will be published to the wiki in the coming days. Go forth and hoard blocks to your heart’s delight!
    Click to view: Example of a Void.

    Bags of Holding

    • New job bags for Treasure Hunter, Merchant, Blacksmith, Demolitionist, and Excavator! The bag item icons for Alchemist have been changed as well. The recipes are as follows:
      • Treasure Hunter: 2/4/6 Pristine Quartz and 1 Gold Block
      • Merchant: 2/4/6 Pristine Leather and 1 Emerald
      • Blacksmith: 2/4/6 Pure Iron and 1 Iron Block
      • Demolitionist: 2/4/6 Pure Iron and 1 TNT
      • Excavator: 2/4/6 Pure Glowstone and 1 Gravel
    • The drop protection for bags (disabled Q and Ctrl-Q drops) has been perfected. No more lost sleep wondering if you’ll ever see your lost items again!
    • The inventory click handling for Bags of Holding have been de-buggified. It’s still not a good idea to try to stuff a bag inside itself. Very Bad Things™ would happen. Trust us.

    Click to view: Bag of Holding.

    Custom Crops
    • Farmers are again able to use their perks to plant, harvest, and fertilize every variety of custom crop!
    • Potted crops have finally been shown the love we all knew they deserved. Fixed crops include spices, peanuts, beans, tea leaves, and garlic. A nice cup of tea would hit the spot right about now.
    • Regular and Exotic flower seeds are now dropping in the Wastelands. Punch flowers to get flower seeds and then plant them in flower pots and wait for them to grow! In a few minutes, you can shear the newly grown flowers and repeat as necessary.
    • Vine crops now drop their respective fruit when broken, or their special vines when sheared. Now you can get to work on that next batch of tomato sauce or wine.
    • Custom trees are growing taller by the day and are producing a bountiful crop for you to harvest this season. Remember, olive trees have been discontinued, so any leftovers you may have could be a valuable collector’s item.

    Click to view: Custom Flower Crop.
    • Level 10 Inventors are able to craft Tiny Voids, apparently the words Tiny and Small mean different things.
    • Excavator has had a flatten bug fixed, and a shiny new flatten feature added. Any stone-based block requires the use of a pickaxe for the flatten ability, and other block types will continue to use a shovel. Remember, the flatten ability is meant to be used on blocks that are naturally generated, so this does not include blocks like Concrete or Glazed Terracotta.
    • The condense perk for Miner has been expanded to include Glowstone Dust and Quartz.
    • Huge Treasure Hunter bags have been changed from a Totem of Undying to a shulker shell to prevent accidental consumptions of said Totem.
    • When using the block-chaining ability as a Builder, it no longer deletes the signs that you painstakingly spent hours writing.

    Click to view: Excavator Flatten.

    • Plot toggles now save on server restart! You won’t have to worry about a pesky creeper blowing up your spot.
    • Town bank has been fixed so that the tax does not exceed the limit of 1 million dollars.
    • Restrictions while using the mass-claiming commands now work properly.
    • /plot forsale command issues with specifying price
    • In general weird issues with Towny permissions when working with blocks across chunk boundaries
    • Fixed permission checks across chunk boundaries
    • Fixed plot specific permissions for plots with no owner (e.g. /plot set outsider on, for a public farm)
    • Fixed /plot forsale [$], with multi plot use: /plot fs area [#] [$]
    • /town claim area [#] can now claim more than 10 plots at once (max 50 per use, i.e. 7x7)

    • Being unable to place chests on the Shop server without a special workaround of delicately balancing on your toes outside of the chunk you wanted to place your chest in. Hurry if you want to get the coveted first spot!
    • If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Shop since the fix, head on over! The Shop has been completely revamped and new halls have been added! There is a place for everything now!
      • The Nether and End have been split into two separate halls, and a hall for Job Items has been added! The Rare Items hall has also been expanded to include spots for Voting Rewards and Event Items!
    • Parrots can now be stabled from your shoulder now using the /petclaim stable command.

    • Dynmap has been updated!
    • Full renders of all settlement worlds
    • Full renders of isometric view*
    • All world borders have been standardized and synced with the visible vanilla world borders
    • If you set a town or nation banner, your town's color on Dynmap will match the base color of the banner.
    • If not you can fix the town banner by creating a copy of your towns banner with the /t banner command, and then setting it again with /t set banner (as mayor/deputy).
    *Still in progress

    Coming Soon
    • Work on restoring the benefits of Job Upgrades is in progress! It’s a lot of work, but we hope to have them done within the next week or two.
    P.S. If you happen to notice any bugs, please take the time to report it the extermination team over on the Bug Report section. Please use one of the following formats, depending on the type of bug you are reporting. Also be sure to check that you bug hasn't been filed already.
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