What is Octagami's Omniverse?

Created in 2012, Octagami's Omniverse is a server network dedicated to providing a high quality and community oriented Minecraft experience. For over 5 years now, our servers have been 100% free-to-play, with hosting funded by members of the community. Our hope is to maintain the Omniverse servers for years to come. We want to preserve the history of our community, along with the many friendships formed, and the countless great memories. To donate to the cause, click here.

Why Vote for Us

Octagami’s Omniverse uses the Votifier plugin to ensure you’re rewarded for helping promote our listings. On top of being entered into our monthly contest to receive a special elytra, you also can use your points at our Lucky 8 Casino to receive other unique items like masks, bags of holding, treasure maps, and more. You can also use our general reward system and spend a set amount to receive other cool items. It’s a fun enhancement to gameplay and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. Please remember to vote!

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